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Muhamed Amirie

Sorted into a house that rarely receives much glory, Muhamed aims to change the Hufflepuff narrative. As a two-time beer pong champion, and winner of a highly competitive Big Brother-style fan game, he is well on his way to achieving that goal, although he met his match when pitted against Sean and Madison in a game of Survivor, where his co-hosts voted him out in the first round! If it is not already apparent, apart from Harry Potter, Muhamed is a big fan of reality TV. He also loves board games, but be warned: if you ever play Settlers of Catan with him, bring a book or something, because he is known for taking 20+ minute turns. Having graduated from UBC with a degree in microbiology, Muhamed is now furthering his studies at med school. Look for him next time you're at St. Mungo's!

-written by Sean


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  • Hogwarts Head Boy (2009-2010)
  • Advice columnist for Witch Weekly


Madison goddyn

From her early days role playing as a Hogwarts student on a Harry Potter fan site (a truly popular child), it was clear that Madison was destined to bring you quality wizarding entertainment. This fierce-willed and fierce-haired young woman has been forging her own path ever since, and on her way found Gryffindor house to be a natural fit. When not talking Potter with her cohosts, you might find this multi-talented creator producing content for her YouTube channel. Unfortunately she was under the influence of a Confundus charm when creating said channel and named it “xTechnosaurusx”, and though she would probably prefer that we don’t bring attention to that fact, here we are. That being said, if you’re interested in travel vlogs, marine life, or watching Madison meet her YouTube dopplegänger Hannah Hart, her channel is the place for you. Armed with a degree in applied animal biology, about to embark on a second in digital design, and an accomplished actress on top of it all, Madison is taking the world by storm. Be sure to check her out on all her platforms below!

 -written by Muhamed


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       • Hogwarts LGBTQ+ Club President
       • Chocolate Frog Card application pending



Sean dales

Sean Rodney Kyle Dales is a man of great merit and potential. From a ripe young age Sean yearned for adventure, leading him to his love of the Harry Potter series. Though don't talk to him about the movies as canon, or that heathen play. His aptitude has always been for puzzles, theories, and riddles which led him naturally to becoming a striving member of Ravenclaw house. Unfortunately, the ability to tell time does not seem to be one of Sean's strengths, and if you need him to be somewhere important you can be sure he will most definitely be late. Like a recording session of Flipendo, for instance. When not crammed into a tiny recording studio discussing Harry Potter, Sean is a prolific musician who writes and performs his own songs. Muhamed and Madison would tell you they are very good, and you can check them out in his Soundcloud below! 

-written by Madison



  • Wizard Chess Regional Champion
  • Discoverer of 6 additional uses of Dragon's Blood (Number 5 will shock you!)


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